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Monster Maths is the complete antidote to any children who lack confidence in maths or who don’t enjoy it and is the brainchild of Ben Barber, an Oxford Maths graduate who has many years of tutoring experience.

Ben thinks maths is MONSTROUSLY AMAZING! He enjoys nothing better than sharing his passion for maths. Tutoring started for Ben before the millenium with children of friends and quickly expanded into a full time job. It was following numerous requests for tutoring from parents of primary children, who lacked confidence in maths, that Ben started Monster Maths.

The portfolio of Monster Maths clubs is set to grow to over 100 over the next 12 months! Click here to see if there is a club at your school.

Be prepared for your children to come home full of new enthusiasm for maths after the Monster Maths club!

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Maths Clubs & Tutoring for:

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

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Key Stage 3 (Years 7 – 9)

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One-to-One Tutoring:

If it’s one-to-one tutoring you are interested in, for any age from 5 up to GCSE and A-level, click here to contact us.